Free Download Visual Voicemail 1.13 APK

Free Download Visual Voicemail 1.13 APK

Description of Visual Voicemail


Older Vodafone customers that have previously activated visual voicemail should be able to use their voicemail pin to login. Newer customers receive an automatically generated VVM password via a silent SMS, which can only be intercepted using the Xposed framework method below. This is a limitation of the Android framework which does not allow a non-system app to receive type 0 SMS messages. If you get a “username or password incorrect” error, advanced users can use the Xposed framework method to setup their accounts.

Visual Voicemail for Android connects to standard IMAP-based visual-voicemail servers (popularized by iPhone) that are deployed by many carriers across the world.

These carriers are currently available:
– Vodafone Australia

If your carrier is not listed above and provides visual voicemail service, you may like to seek out their voicemail server settings & configure the connection manually. Additionally xposed framework users can use the included module to discover their voicemail settings automatically. Please let us know if you get other carriers working so we can add them to the list.

Visual Voicemail includes an Xposed framwork module in order to receive VVM SMS messages from the provider. These messages are silent, type 0 SMS that cannot normally be received by Android applications. Enabling the module will provide the following additional features:
– Automatic account set up and settings update.
– Push notifications for new voice messages.
– Users that are getting the a login failed message can use this method to identify their voicemail password. It may not be the same as the voicemail pin.
– Identify settings for other providers.

Instructions for xposed framework setup:
1. Install the update to Visual Voicemail, enable the xposed module and then reboot your phone to apply the changes. Make sure all accounts are removed from visual voicemail.
2. Open visual voicemail and go to the add account screen where it asks you for your username and password. Click on the activate visual voicemail button (or alternatively dial 1217 from the phone app).
3. By the end of the phone call a dialog should pop up on the screen with the received voicemail settings displayed (If you dialled 1217 you will get a notification instead, click on it to view the dialog).
4. Click OK to setup the account with the received settings.
5. After account setup is complete, go to the account settings and change the auto check method to fetch only. The xposed framework module will handle new voicemail notifications and prompt you when updated settings are received.

Visual Voicemail is a fork of the awesome open-source K-9 email client for Android.
Find us on Github to contribute:

NOTE: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The software or developers are not affiliated with any carriers or service providers mentioned in this software or attached documentation.
– Added Xposed framework module to provide auto account provisioning and settings update using VVM type0 SMS notifications.
– Added new voicemail check using type0 SMS notification.

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